Wired Staffs Up for Video Push

Wired has hired Annaliza Savage, who until this week produced CrankyGeeks for Ziff Davis, to help start its new video division. Savage, who shared the news with NewTeeVee via email, will produce and coordinate reviews and features as the publication’s multimedia editor.

Sorry if I’m a bit vague, but I’m just going to be hitting the ground running, since there isn’t a blueprint for the video department!

Amping up its online video efforts is an obvious move for Wired, which only recently reunited its magazine and web site under the same roof. The publication has just started up its Wired Video subdomain, which is powered by The Feed Room. Currently the site only offers clips from episodes of its new PBS show Wired Science such as the one embedded below about a man with electrodes implanted in his brain for medical purposes.