Vid-Biz: Facebook, Ads, Writers


ABC News SuperPokes Facebook; social networking site to allow its members to electronically follow the news org’s reporters, watch videos, and participate in polls and debates. (The New York Times)

Ad Inventory Opens Up Online; because of the nature of online advertising, opportunities are available for advertisers looking to hook up with hit shows. (TV Week)

Studios and Writers Meet in Secret; two sides meet for the 18th time, key issues remain, press blackout aims to reduce the spectacle. (Hollywood Reporter)

Redbox Installs 6,000th DVD Rental Kiosk; the self-service kiosks, which hold 500 DVDs, are available in 46 states. (release)

Wireless Video Glasses Feature DivX Support; YelloMosquito’s Qingbar GP300 is a wearable LCOS display that sports a built-in media player. (release)

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