The Shins: iPhone vs. Zune – Fight!

Alterna-hipster band The Shins want you to buy a Zune. No. Whoops, wait. The Shins want you to buy an iPhone. Hold on, they want you to buy both? Talk about hedging your bets. The band is featured in current commercials for both portable media players. They haven’t been this ubiquitous since that stupid Garden State movie came out. [digg=]

Here, the Shins’ “Sleeping Lesson” plays during the Zune’s “Academy of Dreams” commercial. Points to Microsoft for getting their most recent album.

shins_iphone2.jpgI can’t find a video of this Apple iPhone ad online, but it was on during tonight’s episode of Heroes (does it smell like nerd in here?). This spot doesn’t use the music, just the cover to the band’s earlier album “Chutes Too Narrow.”

Thanks to the magic of DVRs, digital cameras and my wife’s enduring patience, I was able to snap a pic: I’m not above a band using its music for ads, it’s just funny that two competing products are using the same pitchmen at the same time. Wonder which one the band uses.