Open Thread: How Do You Manage Your Contacts?

According to The Wall Street Journal, plenty of people still use a Rolodex to manage their contacts’ name and address data:

More than 20 years after the digital revolution that forecasted the paperless office, the “rotary card file” — best known by the market-leading brand name, Rolodex — continues to turn. As millions of social-network users display their connectedness on their Facebook pages, a surprisingly robust group of people maintain their networks on small white cards. Most of these devotees also rely on BlackBerrys and other computer-based address books. [subscription required]

There are so many ways to manage names, addresses, and phone numbers. Outlook. Blackberry. Plaxo. Highrise. Rolodex. Paper address book.

I use a box of index cards for offline contacts — the plumber, piano teacher, and pediatrician for example — so I can staple business cards onto the index cards then file. I mostly use Gmail otherwise and have a few phone numbers programmed into my cell phone. It’s not fancy, but it’s good enough for my current needs.

How do you manage contacts? Do you maintain a master contact list, synchronized across devices? Or is your contact data distributed across multiple devices and formats?


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