LG handset “shines” on AT&T network

Lg_shine_fullThe LG Shine actually hit AT&T stores last week on the busiest U.S. shopping day of the year, but the press release just hit the airwaves this morning. If you’re looking for a basic slider with the standard trimmings, the Shine could meet your needs so long as you don’t mind brushed metal.The handset slides up to reveal a RAZR-like numeric keypad while the 2-megapixel camera offers video recording capabilities. There’s also a microSD card slot alongside the 2.2-inch mirror LCD, which should give your pocket a nice view of itself from the inside. The Shine does offer support for AT&T’s 3G service, but the obvious intention there is for you to use AT&T monthly add-ons like Video Share and Mobile Music, both of which are pre-installed. The Shine will set you back $150 with a two-year agreement and with a two-year commitment.