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Ice Cube: Straight Outta Redmond

For a guy who once rapped that it was a good day when he didn’t have to use his AK, Ice Cube’s life seems to have gotten easier. Cube has traded bullets for codecs as he’s now an apparent pitchman for Microsoft’s Silverlight video technology.

Video: Ice Cube's goes live with Microsoft Silverlight

Who knew Cube was so against Flash? According to the embarrassingly staged completely natural testimonial, Silverlight was essential to promoting building their UVNTV broadband network. To Cube’s point, if Microsoft’s willing to pay, that would definitely be a good day.

21 Responses to “Ice Cube: Straight Outta Redmond”

  1. I see no reason to doubt Microsoft’s claim that this was impromptu.. it’s commonplace for rappers to do impromptu “drops” for all sorts of things..

    I’m just mad nobody mentioned DJ Pooh was in this! Love to see Pooh talking tech, ha

  2. Paul Smith

    You don’t need flex to do that crap…. In fact, full browser window flash out performs flex every time. Flash anything out performs Flex anything, always. Gota love how the dev community complains about Adobe’s crappy components and then uses flex which is just a bunch slow, clunky, Adobe AS classes. Yes, <mx:HBox… get’s compiled into an Adobe written AS class. Don’t be fooled by the compiler. Not to say flex dosen’t have it’s advantages, but it’s far from all that, or even a bag of chips. btw, i’m currently building a flex app.. =)

  3. I personally don’t care what technology they choose. Just their interpretation of the differences between the two is where the problem exists.

    Most professionals are well aware of the differences, and competition generally yields a better product.

  4. ken lejnieks

    all this from the same guy who wrote “No vassiline”… What ever happened to cube wanting to “Kill Sam…”. Yes im sure this is very candid and honest opinion of the current state of flash technology. Good lunch time divergence :)

  5. TBH It really is inappropriate to assume that it is staged, then again, it is from a slightly biased point of view.

    At least all those things you mentioned don’t cost the end company several thousand pounds (UK) to purchase, install, and maintain…

    I am a flash dev, and I like Flash, but you really ought to give them a chance. If only Flash could use the WM9 codecs..

  6. You can do that with flash its called flex and flash media server. Ice Cube is dumb. you can get flash to work on windows , mac, and omg linux!! where as silver light is .net crap and only works on mac and windows. poor linux folks.

    • icecubefan

      ur a asshole cubes not dumb u stupid fuck if hes so dumb why is he making more money then ur stupid ass will ever see so shut the fuck up and go shove ur hand up ur ass.

  7. What a pitiful bit of marketing. If they’d used Cube at the peak of his success ( Like 15 years ago ), they might just have caught a little bit of respect for the association, but now?

    I guess Microsoft will try anything to convince people that Silverlight isn’t a hunk of crap. Well they’ll certainly have the ghetto market sown up now.

  8. I filmed this improptu video when I went to their office to help with some technical issues. As Ice Cube was about to leave, I asked if he would say something on video and he agreed. This is the most enthusiastic customer that I have worked with to date and I was very happy to be able to film them talking about their development experience with Silverlight. is great to work with and we’re obviously exceited about it: