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Microsoft In Talks With Telcos For Location Enhanced Mobile Search; BSNL LBS Launch In December

A couple of interesting developments around location based services (LBS): firstly, BSNL, India’s third largest mobile operator, is finalizing its location based offerings, including ‘Track Your Buddy’, Advertising services and Chatting for consumers. On the B2B front, BSNL will also offer Fleet Management Services. The services are expected to be launched in December. ‘Track Your Buddy’ sounds like stalking, and the advertising services had better be opt-in, instead of random spamming.

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is reportedly in talks with mobile operators for maps, and more importantly – combining their GPRS based mobile search with location info received from mobile operators. The location of a user is usually estimated on the basis of triangulation – based on angle of signals received from three different cell towers – and though the story claims location of a user can be estimated up to an accuracy of 50 ft, I’ve heard conflicting opinions on the accuracy. At the same time, I think usage of locational information will have to be opt-in, since there are privacy issues.

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