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Hollywood Talks To Resume Monday; Three Day Window Or 2008?

The two sides in the Hollywood drama will come to the table tomorrow, at an undisclosed location, to talk for three days and figure out a way out of the three-week strike. The WGA union scribes and studio suits from AMPTP will start at 10 AM, though guild members will continue picketing activities on both coasts into a fourth week of the strike, reports THR.

The big question: Will the parties pick up roughly where they left off Nov. 4 at their last bargaining session before the strike started? The talk then featured a withdrawal of DVD demands by the guild as well as some give on new-media compensation by the studios.

On the new media side, revenue split on ad-supported new media might prove more difficult than paid downloads, according to Ivy Kagan Bierman, a labor consultant at the Loeb & Loeb law firm in Los Angeles. One way out might be to pay writers not a percentage of sites’ ad revenues — something studios have resisted — but rather a portion of content licensing fees, the THR story said.

WSJ: Many in the industry believe that this week’s scheduled three-day negotiating session presents the best opportunity not only to resolve the strike before the end of the year, but possibly to prevent the total collapse of Hollywood’s entertainment machine that would occur if the strike continues well into 2008.