iAlarm Wakes Me Up to iTunes

iAlarmAs far as getting up in the morning goes, there are all sorts of unpleasant ways to make the transition – blaring alarm clocks, AM radio interrupted by static and of course, the barnyard rooster. One more inviting way to start the day is to hear your own music from iTunes, and a shareware application, iAlarm, enables just that.

When I’m away from home and can’t use my iHome, I always use iAlarm. iAlarm lets me select the time I want to wake up and choose the iTunes playlist to play from. Then by hitting the “Set” button, we’re good to go. (See a screenshot from the developer’s site)

iAlarm means no fussing with hotel alarm clocks, setting the alarm on your cell phone, or asking for a wake-up call. It even lets my Mac sleep when I’m sleeping, and wakes us both up at the scheduled time. This even furthers the belief that I’m connected to my Mac from when I start up to when I shut down at night.

Best of all, it only costs $5.75 to order. If you opt not to buy it, iAlarm will pause in an increasing number of seconds before starting. But it’s worth the pocket change for sure.


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