Meet, Allofmp3 of movies


From Russia with love (for movie lovers) comes, which is planning to become the of flicks. Crazy as it might sound, but they are using a collective licensing agreement with an obscure Russian rights holders agency to offer movies for download for $2 to $3 a pop, DRM free and in format you want. Now that is one way to ruin Hollywood legal machine’s weekend. Continue Reading.



Used to be a good place to download movies but I have been trying to d/l 2 movies for the past 2 weeks and they are sloooow. Haven’t finished yet


I learned more in the comments than the post. Good readership!


that site ripped me off
put in 20 bucks
and it added 0 to my account
be careful

solaris was replaced by on July 13 of this year. It’s the same database, which means that your balance will still be there – right where you left it. You can also use the allTunes application as already mentioned.

You may be able to log into MP3Sparks with your “old” AllOfMP3 username – but if you’re not, we have made a step by step guide explaining how to get your AllOfMP3 username migrated to MP3Sparks. We used to actively submit usernames to MemphisMembers Assistance but soon we were flooded with requests, so we made this guide instead:

We also have a guide how to fund your account in case you don’t have a MasterCard. This can be found here:

There are A LOT of these Russian/Ukrainian online music stores. Once again, we have made a guide to all of these:

The reason that the story about ZML hit the news is actually my “fault.” I ran across it a couple of months ago and mentioned it in our forum. A guy from ZeroPaid read it and wrote a story (full of inaccuracies) about it a couple of weeks ago and then things really took off. The story (picked up by ArsTechnica) even made it to the front page of Digg!


Actually Jeremy, alltunes replaced allofmp3. I find that the catalog on isn’t as great as alltunes. Still a very much working site.

Om thanks so much for the info!!!

Om Malik

I think you might have something there. i am guessing this is going to be more popular overseas than locally.

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