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NewTeeVee Live Video Clips Are Up

We have put most of the major panel and keynote clips on NewTeeVee. These include a chat with YouTube co-founder Steve Chen , CBS Interactive President Quincy Smith keynote, Mika Salmi, Search & Discovery Panel, Crossover Hits Panel, The Monetization Panel and our introduction. AT&T’s Ralph De La Vega keynote, Microsoft mini note, VC panel, The GameShow, The Platforms Panel and others panel will follow in a day or so.

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3 Responses to “NewTeeVee Live Video Clips Are Up”

  1. I am 10 minutes in and had to click thru to the comments to just say what a boring ass presentation, he has said absolutely nothing so far, zip, nada, nil, zilch….

    deep breath, heading back in hoping it will get better….