WWD Coffee Break – Projects, Calendars & Facebook


Two More Project Choices – There continues to be no shortage of online project management spaces.  Assembla is aimed primarily at development teams, with Subversion and Trac integration, and unlimited teams even in the free edition. Teamwork Project Manager tracks projects, tasks, people, and milestones, and manages messages and files as well. You can try either one for free.

Serious Tagging – Connotea is a free online reference management service aimed at scientists and clinicians (but open to anyone). It looks ideal for building bibliographies: as you cruise around, one click will add the current page to your Connotea list, with optional tagging. It’s smart enough to recognize many common bibliographic formats, and it lets you explore tags added by other users looking for serendipitous content as well.

Keep Your Friends in the Loop – If you’re already a Calgoo user (we’ve looked at their Google-Outlook synchronizer in the past), you can now share your schedule with all of your Facebook contacts via their  Agenda Share applications. If not, well, you can always sign up for a free account and then start sharing.

And While You’re on Facebook – You might want to play around with iThink, a sort of microblogging layer built on top of the basic Facebook idea that adds voting and similarity matching to the basic idea of blurting out your opinions.  Looks like a decent way to learn what your friends really think of your opinions…or to alienate them all.

I’m Sure There are License Violations Here – But  ies4osx is pretty useful anyhow, giving Mac-using web developers a way to install various versions of Internet Explorer for site testing purposes. There’s also the similar IEs4Linux project for folks using Linux.

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