Unveiling Web Worker Daily's New Look!

We’re pleased to pull the cover off Web Worker Daily’s site makeover tonight. The lighter background combined with a wider main column width should give a fresher reading experience. Plus, we’ve added a box with featured articles at the top so you’ll be sure to find our most important content. The design comes to us from ACS. Thanks guys.

As we transition over to the new design, you might see some inconsistencies or outright problems, so please bear with us for the next few days.

If you have a chance, browse on over to the mothership GigaOM to see how silverorange has transformed that site.

As before, you can subscribe to all the content from the GigaNet sites — GigaOM for tech news, NewTeeVee for online video, Earth2Tech for green technology, and Web Worker Daily for how the web changes work — via our network RSS feed.


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