Unveiling Web Worker Daily's New Look!


We’re pleased to pull the cover off Web Worker Daily’s site makeover tonight. The lighter background combined with a wider main column width should give a fresher reading experience. Plus, we’ve added a box with featured articles at the top so you’ll be sure to find our most important content. The design comes to us from ACS. Thanks guys.

As we transition over to the new design, you might see some inconsistencies or outright problems, so please bear with us for the next few days.

If you have a chance, browse on over to the mothership GigaOM to see how silverorange has transformed that site.

As before, you can subscribe to all the content from the GigaNet sites — GigaOM for tech news, NewTeeVee for online video, Earth2Tech for green technology, and Web Worker Daily for how the web changes work — via our network RSS feed.



Dave Kebb: Opera is my primary browser and I don’t see a problem with the right-hand column. What version are you using?

— Foofy (Webmaster, GigaOM)


The redesign looks awesome, but what’s up with all the irritating space at the top? The page doesn’t really look good until I scroll two bumps on my scroll wheel. Then the logo is at the top and the ad and other nav is gone. (I wonder if there’s a way to make it so Firefox always scrolls down on the site.)

Dave Kebb

Fixed width, little fonts, big rh column issue in Opera, Front page headlines totally unrelated to the latest content.

Really, not a well tested redesign. I am so glad of RSS.


It’s contemporary – which I like. Apparently the “light” appearance is catching up on the interwebs. So you are amongst the first to set a trend which I believe will dominate the next 1-2 years. Congratulations.

Thunk Different.

While GigaOm is much improved, I can’t say the same for WWD. I like the old communist grindstone look, now its… biege.

Anyway, content is king!

Anne Zelenka

Thanks for your comments and feedback, everyone. Fortunately, our RSS feed has full articles now so you don’t have feel assaulted by beige ;)

While the black may appeal to a certain set, for some (for me!) it felt claustrophobic and depressing. It wasn’t welcoming or kind. It may have been a turnoff for some people we’d like to reach with our message about how the web changes work.

Also, while web working is revolutionary for many people, for others the web just offers a way of improving on already-good working situations. Most knowledge workers aren’t exploited (some are outright coddled with cushy benefits and high salaries) but can still benefit from web ways of working.

Still, I can see why people would resonate with that imaging/branding. Revolutionary change is cool, and we’re still in favor of that when warranted.

Adam Sweet

Or you can use pageflakes or bloglines and read the blogs the way YOU want to.


everyone has an opinion and mine is I don’t like it. As above people has mentioned the old design made sense with the topic of the site. This just seems to have been an effort to make it look pretty and no thought for the topic of the site. Also maybe there should have been a tie in with the GigaOM site IE it could of had the same layout and therefore you know its part of the network. The new design on GigaOM looks smart though just this does not fit.

Leonid Mamchenkov

I have to agree with Eric Gruber and Taylor Moore here. The old design was standing and original compared to this one. It also matched the name nicely – something about mixing the word “worker”, the red colors, and the logo was giving the flavor of 1917 Russian revolution media and propaganda, which sort of went with the idea of web working.

Personally, I don’t mind much the design change, since I’m reading WWD mostly through RSS. But I recommended the site to a lot of people, and somehow I feel that the new design won’t make as strong of an impression as the old design did.

Chris in Cincinnati

Beige? Not my cup of tea.

It reminds me of the sameness of the suburbs. Row upon row of houses with tan siding and just slightly different shades of hunter green for trim.

Taylor Moore

I also really liked the old style too.
Maybe the coders could put a switch in so you could have the option choose either. ha

Steven Clark

I agree very clean and easy to take in design, which is what you need if you’re coming back very regularly.

I’m also thinking its a bit sad to see the old red revolutionary design go but progress is inevitable. Onward and upward.

Can you provide feedback as to how the stats roll out over the next month? Maybe? I’m always curious as to whether redesigns significantly affect traffic on given sites. Some may and others may not.

Good luck with it and congrats on the new set of clothes WWD. Cheers.

Eric Gruber

Usually I’m all for a redesign, but I’m deeply saddened to see the old look go. What first drew me to WWD was the bourgeois look and tie-in with the name. I don’t really get that with this design.

Not that it’s a bad design; don’t get me wrong. It’s just that this kind of takes away from what I perceived to be the branding.

Om Malik

Favicons and other small issues hopefully will be resolved over the weekend. Thanks for letting us know.

ALso, the design of WWD was by ACS.

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