OQO product announcement Dec. 3rd in London


Yesterday I received an intriguing invite from OQO to a pre-launch unveiling in London of a new product on December 3rd.  OQO will also announce something they call the Anytime/ Anywhere Computing Environment.  There’s not a lot of additional information but it sounds like a totally new product and not a Model 02 update. OQO CEO Dennis Moore will be at the event to answer questions from the media so this sounds pretty big to me. Unfortunately I can’t attend the London unveiling but will try to get the scoop when it happens.



Chris Patten-Walker

Where is the OQO office located. I have a few questions.

1.Why no digitized pen with all versions or at least a way of housing one if you buy it.
2. The reviews seems to point to a noisy fan, please tell me it’s not.
3. Which mobile operators have endorsed it.
4. Auto Rotate capability is this not built in?
5. Wireless headphone support?

Simon Dale

There is no doubt in my mind that this event is to launch the e2 with HSDPA. That’s going to be a very interesting device, particularly if its subsidised with a mobile data contract. I’ll be there!


Well I’ll definitely be there … can’t think of anywhere more interesting to be ;-)

Dennis Moore

Folks –

This will be at the OQO Bar in London. I will get the details posted on OQOTalk.com in case anyone wants to join us – OQO “fans” are certainly welcome. This is not – repeat not – an announcement of a model 03, but it is an announcement we think will be important particularly to the European market.


— Dennis Moore, OQO


its no big secret where it is, its almost an open house, Its hardley a celeb red carpet invite to a movie premiere (although many face bookers, my spacers and bloggers now think they it and they are). Goto OQO Talk and ask Dennis him self,


Methinks the event is in the OQObar in Islington, London http://www.oqobar.co.uk/

For those who have not been there it is a very small bar with loud fans, frequently needs to be closed for repairs. :) A bit like my OQO actually.


I read somewhere OQO had a copyright for something like a laptop case, maybe it is a carry bag organizer for the OQO 02 for travel when you need a full size keyboard & bigger display, plus a place to store your power supplies, extra batteries, docking station, etc…

Out of all the must have accessories that is not available right now, that is what I’d like to see, although I mostly have my 02 with me sans carrying bag, even when on the road now!


“Anytime/ Anywhere Computing Environment” – perhaps something similar (and better) than the Datawind PocketSurfer?


Where in london is the event being held? I wonder if I can gate-crash it! I am so glad im a JKOTR reader as I was just about to buy a model 2.

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