NTV Live Video Recap: Quincy Smith


Quincy Smith’s NewTeeVee Live keynote was perhaps our biggest failure at liveblogging the conference. As Chris, who did an admirable job of trying it, wrote: “Mr. Smith talks in one contiguous sentence. It’s hard to keep up.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying to keep up for yourself, and now you can, because we have the session video. If you watch one video from NewTeeVee Live, it should probably be this one. You gotta love it when a guy puts up a slide and says, “These are internal numbers so don’t look too closely at them.” Also, Smith is hilarious, though you don’t want to take the time to laugh because you’ll miss his next four points.

Some highlights:

Hulu: “If we can’t work together on contract, at least we can work together on philosophy, because the object is to at least get one or two other big media giants to move in the same direction, because it is a herd mentality at media.”

“Radical thing”: “Media executives have made more of an effort to understand the Internet and mobile space in the last six months than the Internet and mobile entrepreneurs and people have made to understand media.”

Distribution: “Peer-based networks is the way to go. It’s going to be cheaper, faster, stronger. The economics are going to make it we’re going to want to put out more and more video all day long.”

Online viewing and TV viewing: “The question is: apples to apples, how do we compare these.” Lots of charts to this effect; online viewing seems to be increasing total audience. Smith insists clips are key, will help lure new audiences.

Monitoring online conversations: “The Internet is about the conversation, the communication, the community, whatever you want to call it…The answer is, don’t be afraid of community online, for god sakes, you’ve gotta embrace it, cause they’re going to talk about it anywhere else, it’s just this time it’s out in front of you.”

Wallstrip widgets and syndication: “These are the kind of next-generation things we do. Are they monetizable? Right now, the advertisers aren’t ready, aren’t a hundred percent comfortable to be out there, but that doesn’t mean we should not do it. We have to do it. Embeddability is key.”

More coverage of Smith’s speech:

Thanks so much to the kind folks at Revision3 for loaning us an editing bay in a pinch so we could get this tape online.



Thanks for putting the video up. Any possibility of posting the slides?

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