A Thanksgiving gadget tale

The Thanksgiving family gathering yesterday was great and one I look forward to each year.  It’s great to sit with the family who gathers together far too seldom and have a nice day together.  This year was different in a gadgety way and I am still surprised by it.  I should point out that the only gadget I brought with me to Mom’s house was the HTC Advantage since it’s so multi-task capable.  I could keep up with my email, surf the web and even read my ebook should I so desire.  I don’t usually do these things at these gatherings but geek that I am I like the ability to do so should I so desire.

Sprint_touchWhat made this gathering so different is a conversation about gadgets that I had with my brother, Keith.  Keith is not into technology as much as I am as a rule and while he follows jkOnTheRun he doesn’t relate to all the cool tech as I do.  What surprised me so much was his question that triggered a lengthy geek session between the two of us.  He asked me if I liked the Sprint Touch.  This really set me back a moment as I was amazed he even knew about the Touch.  It seems he’s seen it on TV, heard radio commercials about it and has a coworker who has one.  He’s looked at it and thinks he’d really find one useful in his work and home life.  This was so cool as it’s the first time he has found any interest in a smartphone of any kind, he’s always been happy with his typical Sprint cell phone.  He had gotten familiar with a lot of the features of the Touch and was actually excited about it.

We talked about the Touch for quite some time and I had to admit it would be a useful phone for his stated needs.  I pointed out to Keith that the Touch is made by HTC and let him play with the Advantage for a good bit.  He was blown away that something like this existed and was quite excited about the web browsing on the Advantage.  I showed him the email functionality and the GPS functionality and he was impressed to say the least.  He was disappointed that the Advantage couldn’t be used as a normal cell phone, rather you have to use it in speakerphone mode or with a headset.  I told him that the Advantage is too big to hold up to your ear like a normal phone and that’s why HTC left out that capability but he thought he’d have no problem using it that way.  It goes to show that everyone is different.  He probably won’t get one since he needs another phone but is going to take a very good look at the Touch on Sprint.  What a great Thanksgiving!