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JK- Mobile tech I’d be thankful for

Jk_icon_100pixKevin started it and it gave me a good think about the mobile tech I’d be thankful for.  It’s a pretty short list but here it is for your reading pleasure:

  • An iPod Touch with a 5 inch screen.  Fully ink aware and with good productivity software.
  • A Tablet PC with dual digitizers (touch and pen) with an 8 inch screen and 1280×800 resolution.
  • Vista Mobile.  Fully written from the ground up for mobile computers.
  • Amazon Kindle with a backlight.
  • MacBook Pro with a 10 inch screen, non-touch.
  • Free gadgets for everyone.

Not a big list but right now it’s all I could want.  Happy Turkey Day to everyone.  A special shout out to Kevin and his family for the great work he does here, I am very thankful for that and that his family supports him in the work he does here.

9 Responses to “JK- Mobile tech I’d be thankful for”

  1. That’s actually one thing I really dislike about e-ink, you are once again chained to the old style of reading, ie you need light.

    That means you further have to sit still and keep the device under the lamp (or near it).

    Meanwhile, with an LCD, you can read in just about any light conditions and in whatever weird, twisted position you like, with ease. ;)

  2. I have skipped the UMPC category for now and have settled for a 12 inch, 3 lb. laptop until such time as the UMPCs make sense. What I would be thankful to have would be the ability to slip my SIM chip in the unit and use it as a phone.

  3. >A Tablet PC with dual digitizers (touch and pen) with an 8 inch screen and 1280×800 resolution.
    Yes! This is what I’ve been looking for. Need more than 7, less than 10. And must have great inking. Any suggestions for getting close until that happens?

  4. GoodThings2Life

    I completely agree on Vista Mobile, but I think it would be called XP Tablet PC Edition 2008.

    Hmm, not a bad idea — Media Center gets update packs, why not Tablet PC?