When Management Doesn't Support Telework

Despite years of studies showing that telecommuting is a win-win for employees and employers, AT&T is shrinking its telecommuting program:

AT&T, a company that once was a poster child for telecommuting, is downsizing its long-running telework program and requiring thousands of employees who work from their homes and other virtual offices to return to traditional AT&T office environments, according to sources.

If only this lack of commitment to remote work were a relic of the past!

One commenter on the Network World article reporting on AT&T’s declining commitment to telework says this may be due to the old-school attitude of one executive:

I suspect what has happened is that these people have moved under John Stankey, who now is president of the telephone operations. He doesn’t like remote workers and is probably demanding that people under him come into the office.

This attitude is not at all uncommon in business today. The vast majority of office jobs are still on-site jobs and telecommuting arrangements are often reserved only for the most persuasive rather than offered to anyone disciplined and effective enough to make remote work succeed.


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