What every hacker needs to know about the Eee PC


AsuseeepcinternalsIf you’re planning to mod or hack an Asus Eee PC, you’ll want to bookmark this page now. It’s tnkgrl’s all-inclusive modding information on the unit, which frankly looks a little bare. Not the information mind you, the small notebook is what I mean. See, there’s no cover or case to be found on any of the annotated pictures of the Eee PC’s innards. Our typical disclosure applies here: these pics are not for the squeamish. If the ESRB thought this was for a software title they’d rate this UMPC p0rn “M” for Mature. Put another way: if you can handle Halo 3, then you should be good to go. ;)tnkgrl did an outstanding job testing signals, identifying interfaces and checking power drains. She also confirms what we previously suspected: the open PCI-e slot appears to be usable only for memory expansion. You’ll need to consider another option if you’re looking to integrated wireless WAN connectivity. Or you could just wait, since I’m betting tnkgrl already has that on her radar.

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