Vid-Biz: MeeVee, Funding, Battlestar

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MeeVee Partners with TiVo; users of the popular DVR can record a show from anywhere by selecting an episode from the MeeVee guide. (emailed announcement)

Youku and Tinselvision Get Funding; Chinese vid-sharing site Youku raises $25 million in its third round while Tinselvision, an online VOD service for South Asian communities, raises $3 million in its second round. (Youku: PE Hub; Tinselvision: paidContent)

The Relationship Between TV and DVD is Changing; Battlestar Galactica: Razor being released on DVD just days after premiering on TV. (The New York Times)

Warner Bros. Launches On-Demand Initiative; plan is to fire up a bunch of cable, satellite and broadband channels for on-demand access to WB shows. (Variety)

‘Long Tail’ Content to Rise in On-Demand Future; study predicts the supremacy of major movies and sporting events in pay-per-view and on-demand will give way to back catalog films and TV shows. (Screen Digest PDF)

Sony Launches eyeVio HD; service streams content from company’s content partners to Sony Network TV Box. (emailed announcement)

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