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T-Mobile Will Swap Faulty Sidekick Slide for Sidekick LX

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102x110.jpgT-Mobile launched the new Sidekick Slide earlier this month amid much fanfare, only to discover some major design flaws that got the device to reset itself. That really charged up the customers.

The Motorola-made device from Danger Inc. was quickly pulled from the market. T-Mobile today announced that Motorola (MOT) has identified the problem as an “issue relating to the battery contacts.Motorola also has identified and tested a solution which it will implement for existing devices, and incorporate into newly manufactured ones.”Meanwhile, if you bought the admittedly handsome device, then T-Mobile is giving you three options: Exchange it for Sidekick LX (for no extra charge), return it and use the money towards any other phone, or just wait for the fix from Motorola.

8 Responses to “T-Mobile Will Swap Faulty Sidekick Slide for Sidekick LX”

  1. I would like to hear your message and heard a few of name deaf people said that sidekick LX is dangerous explosive because of contacting fog and sweat also wet too. I don’t believe what they said but I want to hear your message to see if this is full of balconies thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. when are the slides gonna be fixed i wanted to buy one for xmas but i guess there not sselling them anymore. i also heard that on the sidekick3 you cant change the wallpaper whats up wiht that ? how gay…..well does anyone know when they will be sold again ? if you do send me an email @ [email protected].