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Skype Hangs Up On Some Londoners

[qi:090] Remember how we complained about Google-owned GrandCentral doing a switcheroo on their promise of one number for life? Well, Skype is doing the same to some Londoners who have SkypeIn mumbers. The company sent an email to some of the “0207” number owners with this explanation…

We’re very sorry to tell you that we have to change your SkypeIn number. As some of you may know, we get SkypeIn numbers from a variety of telecoms suppliers. Unfortunately, we have to return some of the 0207 SkypeIn numbers to one of our suppliers of London numbers.

The numbers stop working on Dec. 20th. The company says it will give you a new SkypeIn number and voicemail for free for 12 months. Many of these numbers could be in the 0208 numbers and 0203 area codes, Skype says. That said, it is pretty lame for the company to pull a stunt like this, especially a company as big as Skype. Their excuse is pretty weak.

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  1. I had a similar issue with Skype but luckily I only had the 0207 number for a couple of months, so I hadn’t had chance to give it out to many people. I hope my 0208 doesn’t suffer the same fate as I have nearly 3 years worth of contacts attached to it.

  2. There’s no such area code as 0207 or 0208.

    All of London is under one code: 020 and has been for a decade.

    London numbers have eight digits, and can begin with a 3, or 7, or 8.

    The same (02x) xxxx xxxx format is used in Southampton and Portsmouth, Coventry, Cardiff and the whole of Northern Ireland.

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