Reliving NewTeeVee Live

Just a week ago we hosted our first-ever conference, NewTeeVee Live. I still can’t get over how active and passionate and involved the group of attendees was. This is a really special time in our industry.

The content was also pretty memorable. For your long-weekend viewing pleasure, we’ll be posting videos from each session at the conference.

These clips come directly from the live stream shown by Mogulus during the conference. We don’t have 100 percent of the video, but we’re trying to reprocess what we’re missing and will add new stuff as it comes in. Embedded above is the first portion of our introductory remarks; stay tuned for the beginning of the second clip if you want to see Om announcing that GigaOM (NewTeeVee’s parent company) has raised a new round of funding.

We’ll be highlighting interesting videos over the next four days, but if you click through you can watch everything we’ve posted online so far.

We also created some special videos for and about the conference. Craig Rubens recapped our summer Pier Screenings series, and also made a promo for our celebrity game show that demonstrates just how much we mere mortals have in common with web video stars. And while on site, Irina Slutsky and Eddie Codel of Geek Entertainment TV got attendees’ takes on old and new media and the long tail. Hope you enjoy!

Pier Screenings Recap

Web Video Stars: They’re Just Like Us

Geek Entertainment TV — Old Media and New Talent at NewTeeVee Live

Geek Entertainment TV — Pleats and a Long Tail at NewTeeVee Live


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