Verizon Blackberry 8830 GPS unlocked?


A birdie told me that Verizon had quietly released a firmware upgrade for the Blackberry 8830 in the last two days that reportedly unlocks the GPS that I have been so vocal about.  The upgrade is over 88 MB big and I haven’t had time to apply it yet so I have to get it applied tonight and see if the GPS is working now.  The timing fits with what I was told by Verizon about the GPS enabling so hopefully this is it.  I’ll report back when I can do so with first-hand information.



I downloaded the new software patch and it does enable the GPS, but only if you pay verizon 9.99 a month to access it. It will still not allow any third party software (free) or Blackberry’s own OEM software (blackberry maps) work with the GPS. SO, unles you pay verizon, you still will not have access to the GPS function.


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link me up, i’ll test on 10 8830’s i have now and post my results.


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