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Fourth Tech Revolution Needs to Be Green: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave a speech in which he says climate change is driving the need for a fourth tech revolution — AFP.

Solar Jobs Booming Like It’s 1999: Silicon Valley solar startups are hiring like its a dotcom boom. To name just a few, Akeena Solar, GreenVolts, Innovalight, Nanosolar, Solyndra of Fremont, SolarCity, SunPower, and SolFocus —

War and Climate Change, Not So Strange Bedfellows: A study looks at a link between conflict throughout periods of cooling and warming. Not good folks — New Scientist.

Standardizing Voluntary Carbon: Looking to add some integrity and participation to the voluntary carbon markets, the Climate Group, the International Emissions Trading Association and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development launched a new global carbon offset standard at the London Stock Exchange; the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) — GreenBiz.

Make Your Startup Sustainable: A no (or low) cost guide to helping your venture grow while maintaining energy efficiency and a small carbon footprint — FoundRead.

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