SolFocus Concentrates on Cash

solfocusarray2.jpgSolar technology developer SolFocus keeps adding investors. This morning the startup, which makes arrays with lenses and curved mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto solar cells, said it has added $11.6 million to its latest funding round, bringing the total to $63.6 million. This is the close of Mountain View, Calif.-based SolFocus’ Series B round and its subsidiary SolFocus Europe’s Series A round. Overall, the company has raised $95 million.

Why does two-year-old SolFocus feel the need to pile on more investors? SolFocus is trying to grow fast in an attempt to commercialize its technology by the end of this year. Update: SolFocus is not selling in high volume yet, but rather selling select products to customers for installations as test sites. For example SolFocus is developing a 500-kilowatt installation for the Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems program in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. In order to scale its business and bring down the cost of its trackers, it bought Madrid-based solar tracking company InSpira in July.

The additional funding comes from an “undisclosed hedge fund,” according to Venture Wire. Previous investors in the financing, which we wrote about in September, included New Enterprise Associates, Moser Baer India, David Gelbaum, Metasystem Group, NGEN Partners, and Yellowstone Capital.