HTC Advantage as a mobile entertainment device


Jenn Lee at pocketables recently took a 5 hour flight and used her HTC Advantage for the duration of the flight to fight off boredom.  Jenn has a detailed post with lots of photos showing how she used the Advantage as an ebook reader, music player, movie machine and game console for the duration of the flight.  It’s a great look at how capable the Advantage is in the right hands and the coolest part about Jenn’s post is that I read it while web surfing on my own Advantage.  The Advantage is my ebook reader of choice, at least not having a Kindle in my hands yet, and Jenn shows how good eReader looks on the HTC.  Nice post and worth checking out.  Note that I have my Advantage under a long-term evaluation provided by HTC.


James Patterson rocks!


Kelvin Yong

@Philip Ferris, you do know that you can just turn off all radios and use it as PDA, like your trusty Dell Axim.

This is standard on all WM devices as well as some top-end phones like N95 too.

Philip Ferris

Jenn was lucky – use of any cellphone capable device is banned on the flights out of Cornwall – so I keep my N95 turned off and rely on my trusty Dell Axim.


I think it’s nice too don’t get me wrong.

I’m particularly impressed with Opera Mini. It doesn’t let me use the D-pad but I can surf one handed quite easily with my HTC Wizard and it doesn’t crash despite being a Java app. I even stopped getting the latest Opera Mobile demos and I’m using it almost exclusively as my phone browser.

But I can’t consider it better than the experience I get with my N800. Sometimes it crashes using google reader when get fees with embedded Youtube videos but I can’t complain otherwise.


The core browsing experience with Windows Mobile running Opera Mobile is actually quite nice, though you obviously get left behind when it comes to Flash, complex AJAX, etc. Not to mention I’ve yet to find a WinMo browser that lets you upload files using the typical in-browser method.

Wiley Johnson

OK, so, removable keyboard and GSM. is it worth the difference in price when compared to the EeePC?
Inquiring Minds Want to Know.
I understand Windows Mobile vs Linux. Windows Mobile wins. But Advantage is almost 3x more costly.
I would not want it as a phone. But it might make a really nice replacement for my multiple iPAQ’s.
eReader has been my choice since Jan, 2000. I have over 130 books on my Bookshelf.
Enough rambling
NW Harris County

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