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[qi:046] YowTRIP will demonstrate its social networking site for frequent travelers next month at The Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup. Yes, Dopplr is already doing social networking for travelers, but YowTRIP uses destinations to create new social connections rather than just enhancing existing ones.

Dopplr works well for people who travel frequently for business and want to meet up with people they already know. YowTRIP, on the other hand, is for people who are interested in travel for its own sake and want to make the most of it by finding in-the-flesh or online travel buddies. YowTRIP puts the destination first, and lets the social connections flow from there.

While Dopplr limits who can view your trips to those you invite, YowTRIP makes it possible for you to find people that either have matching travel plans or have recently been to cities you’re considering visiting. Then, if you become buddies, you can view each other’s photos, videos, travelogs (blogs about your travels), tips and upcoming travel plans.

YowTRIP isn’t the first site aimed at building a community of passionate travelers looking to swap tips and stories. Vcarious, Virtual Tourist and myTripz are just three of the many other options targeting pleasure travelers rather than the professional crowd Dopplr suits. YowTRIP, however, puts the emphasis squarely on creating social connections.


David Parreco

The site for those who love the Italy that you won’t experience on the tour-bus itinerary.

A social network dedicated to those who appreciate Italy the regional, the seasonal; hidden nooks, funky festivals, the restaurant where the owner is your host, chef and sommelier; the Barista who…..

Well, you get our idea.

What’s yours?


Darwin Widjaja

interesting site. I just launched TripnTale, which itself is a social networking website to share trip’s memories such as photos, journals and videos.


Is it really necessary to have a completely different site for this? I would think this fits rather well as an SNA (social network application)

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