Vodafone Gets IPhone Injunction In Germany; DT Responds

Vodafone Germany has succeeded in getting a restraining order against T-Mobile prohibiting the carrier from selling the iPhone in Germany, reports Dow Jones. “Specifically, Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) is questioning the iPhone’s exclusive use in T-Mobile’s network and the use of the device being limited to certain fees within T- Mobile’s subscription offerings…Vodafone isn’t generally opposed to T-Mobile’s exclusivity contract with Apple, (NSDQ: AAPL) but wants to have these new sales practices examined, the spokesman said. The restraining order doesn’t aim at a total sales stop”. I’m not sure what T-Mobile’s pricing plans have to do with Vodafone, or why the courts agreed — apparently something to do with Germany regulations. Vodafone has said it doesn’t have plans to file similar complaints elsewhere: “It’s a different regulatory environment. We believe it’s more to do with a breach of local German laws” reports Dow Jones, which makes it sound like they would if they could.

The reasons in these stories appear to be different from the ones which came out earlier, I expect specific details about the complaints and the laws will come out over time.

DT Responds: Deutsche Telecom has said the marketing model used by T-Mobile is correct and it will (unsurprisingly) oppose Vodafone’s injunction, reports EasyBourse. It also reserved the right to claim damages from Vodafone.


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