The five reasons why I bought a Kindle

I know, everybody’s talking about the Amazon Kindle and how it’s either going to revolutionize the ebook business or prove without a doubt that the business is not viable.  That is a worthy discussion but there are five reasons why I bought one so for all who have been asking me here they are in no particular order:

  1. I am the perfect target market for the Kindle.  I like gadgets and I have been reading ebooks exclusively since the Palm Reader first appeared on the Palm PDA.  I have over 200 ebooks in my eReader account and over two dozen in the MobiPocket account I only set up a few months ago.  I love reading ebooks so if the Kindle doesn’t work for me it won’t likely work for anyone.  One of the big hurdles that Amazon will face selling the Kindle in the mainstream market is selling the concept of ebooks over dead tree versions.  They don’t have to sell me, I’ve already seen the light.
  2. I want to report here on the Kindle.  It’s what I do and with so many interested in this new device it makes sense for me to pick one up and talk about it.  You can count on me doing that.
  3. Amazon has the clout to make this a Big Thing (BT).  While I love eReader and the selection of ebooks they offer me for purchase they can be pricey, especially for new releases which comprise most of my purchases.  Amazon could actually be cheaper in the long run with those same titles only costing me $9.99 believe it or not.  Plus, let’s face it, they have a library of around 90,000 titles!  That is huge in my book, pun intended.
  4. The Kindle offers instant gratification. I can search for ebooks and buy them on my HTC Advantage today and that has revolutionized my experience in purchasing ebooks.  I love instant gratification as much as anyone and Amazon has done this right with the Whispernet.  Being able to find and buy an ebook in less than a minute is the ultimate act of instant gratification for those who love to read and I expect this will be quite good for me.  While I can do this (not so quickly) with eReader this ability has only been around for a few weeks now and requires a data plan on the Advantage to make it work like the Amazon system.
  5. I think it will make the perfect holiday gift for family members.  OK, this one is personal.  I always have a hard time buying gifts for my lovely bride and since she has already been introduced to ebooks but hasn’t liked a device she’s tried yet I think there’s a good chance she’ll like the Kindle once she sees it.  Then I have an easy decision what to get her for Christmas.  :)

So these are my five reasons for buying a Kindle.  One thing I have given a lot of thought to is how much fun it will be to hack this device.  It’s a closed system so of course it is crying out to be opened up a little.  That said, after that thought process I don’t think I will hack the Kindle.  That’s a surprise, even to me, but the fact is I have other devices that can read ebooks that do a host of other things, and do them very well.  I won’t gain much if anything by hacking the Kindle.  But the main reason for leaving the Kindle be is because I believe for it to be a good tool for me it must be simple and do only what it’s intended to do, and that’s make reading ebooks better.  I’ll see how well it does that.


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