MeeMix Joins the Social Music Party

MeeMix, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based social music startup, is joining competitors including MOG, and Pandora by offering music-oriented communities centered around your listening habits. I met MeeMix Founder and CEO Gilad Shlang when I visited Tel Aviv earlier this year. Shlang had articulated to me a vision of social radio that struck me as interesting, and as a result, I have followed company’s progress. They will go into public beta in a month or so, but I got an invite earlier today and tried out the service. Here are my initial (and very quick) impressions:

I’m not quite convinced that I would pick MeeMix over the other services out there. In the case of, for example, I’ve uploaded a lot of data to their system, and as a result, I use them to get recommendations. Similarly, Pandora holds a lot of information about the artists I like, and I use it for streaming audio.

Overall, MeeMix needs to simplify the user experience and make the site a little less cluttered. Its most interesting feature is MeeDJ, which lets you play deejay and stream music to other people, but is that reason enough to invest more time in this service? Still, I am pretty sure they are going to improve with time, and fine-tune it enough before the public launch. I would try and snag some beta invites from them.