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CBS News Writers Authorize A Strike

So after much back and forth, it has happened: CBS (NYSE: CBS) News writers, producers and editors voted to authorize their labor union to call a strike after working without a contract for two years, Writers Guild, which represents CBS employees in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C., said that 81 percent of the nearly 300 CBS members voted in favor, reports Reuters. This strike doesn’t have much to do with new media residuals, unlike the Hollywood writers strike which is in its third week now.

The issue here is the employees balked at a wage package that would pay TV and network radio workers a higher wage than local radio writers…CBS argues that declining ad revenues at local radio stations mandates lower station operating costs, including less robust increases in employee pay.

One Response to “CBS News Writers Authorize A Strike”

  1. C. W. Hart

    ALthough the network claims ad revenue down then explain the salary increases for the likes of Jeff Zucker at NBC, Robert Eiger at ABC/Disney both who claim that both companies had revenues increased at least 8% over the last year. If it is so bad then why are these CEOs getting pay increases?

    All media companies are exceeding Wall Street estimates of revenue. (,

    Another example of coporate greed at it's nastiness lies and more lies.

    Ad agencies should demand answers and lower ad rates.

    Defy coporatism!!