Weekend Vid Picks: Beatboxers

The ability to created a rhythmic symphony with your mouth never ceases to amaze. From talents in the hip-hop world to wannabes on the college a capella circuit, beatboxing mixes the art of dropping a beat with second grade fart sounds. Ever since I saw Spaceballs as a kid I’ve been enamored with the talents of the vocally adept. Beatboxing: a dance party in your mouth!

I really don’t know why he felt compelled to wear the wig, but I discovered this percussive-cuisine mashup while testing StumbleUpon’s Wii interface — a feature that apparently helped StumbleUpon win the audience poll at our NewTeeVee Live video search and discovery face off.

Greg Pattillo serves up musical-multitasking melodious mashups as a beatboxing flutist. His videos have gotten millions of views and he has recorded a jazz record as part of trio.

I’m still not sure quite what to make of the Westchester-born, ex-Phishhead, Hasidic Jewish reggae rap star Matisyahu. He’s got a unique voice, crisp delivery, and funky band and his beatboxing skills left Jimmy Kimmel’s audience speechless.

16 year-old Sophia, a.k.a. Kidd Beatz, has been at the game only a year, her profile claims, but she’s got some skills.

Yolq4 Da Best In Estonia – video powered by Metacafe

Liz found this one nearly a year ago amid a beatbox-digging frenzy. While I love this as distraction, its the prevalence of this sort of stuff at the front of Digg.com that make me shudder when people say they get their news from Digg.