13 Responses to “First post from the iPod Touch”

  1. John in Norway

    I’ve just seen the ipod touch 16GB advertised here in Norway (Elkjøp.no) for the equivalent of 561 US Dollars (3189NOK)!! You have got to be kidding me!

    How much do you guys expect to pay?

  2. Art Kavanagh

    There were no line breaks in my first comment.
    There should be one at the end of the previous sentence.
    I tend to use the landscape keyboard. I find it doesn’t work very well with multi-line text boxes, because it isn’t always easy to see the part of the box that you want.

  3. How’s everyone liking the iPhone/touch onscreen keyboard? I’m streaming a podcast on my touch at the moment, so I’m using my laptop for this comment.

    I do know that blogging via blogger doesn’t work on the touch, nor does creating documents on Google docs – can’t wait for this to be addressed, so I might be able to use the touch for more than just trivial surfing and multimedia.

    One final thing – which keyboard to you guys prefer: the portrait or landscape version? I find that while I am more accurate on the landscape keyboard, that the auto-correction mops up my mistakes whilst using the portrait keyboard pretty well. I also find that having the keyboard noises help with accuracy and speed, because I get some feedback when i do actually hit a key.

    Have a good one, y’all.

  4. arebelspy

    This is from an iPhone.

    There should be a space between all these lines.

    Is there?

    James, there’s no way this is the first blog post from an iPod.

    People blogged from iPhones (and later touches) when they came out months ago.


    Every sentence in this post should be its own paragraph, including the smiley.

  5. kingjimmi

    I’m not sure if it counts, but there is an Apple commercial where some ballerina blogs from her iphone while backstage at performances. I know the iphone and itouch aren’t exactly the same, but oh well . . . bah humbug. hehe

  6. Art Kavanagh

    Here’s a comment from an iPod touch. I wish it had bluetooth and that I could use a hardware keyboard with it. It’s amazing for browsing, though. I’m astonished at how much better it is than the N800, considering the smaller screen, lower resolution etc.