Vid-Biz: FCC,, Letterman


FCC Chair Math Might Be Off; Kevin Martin’s original estimation that he could regulate the cable cos might falter due to some inaccurate data. (MultiChannel News) Releases Vlog in a Box; toolset promises to let users set up a video blog page with just a webcam, its software takes care of the rest. (emailed release)

Late Night Talk Show Hosts Enter Strike Fray; Letterman, Leno, O’Brien in tight spot between the networks and writers. (The Wall Street Journal)

Vibe, KickApps and MySpace Search for Next Great Rapper; “Vibe Verses 3” contest allows entrants to submit rhymes over pre-recorded tracks. (Webware)

MediaZone to Provide Winter Sports Coverage; 2007-08 Luge Bobsleigh Skeleton World Cup and 2008 World Championship events will be available live and on-demand at (emailed release)


Chris Albrecht

Thank you for catching that. Definitely a bad typo and definitely not what was intended.

Justin Davey

This is going to be a public relations disaster for Vibe, KickApps and MySpace. Searching for the next great “raper”. Are they nuts?


“Vibe, KickApps and MySpace Search for Next Great Raper”

typo or witty commentary on hip-hop’s attitude towards women? YOU MAKE THE CALL.

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