UMPCs coming to Wal-Mart?


1_rDigiTimes has a piece this morning indicating that FIC plans to bring their CE260 UMPC to the U.S. in both a Windows XP and Linux configuration. They further speculate that the sub-notebook would be sold under the Everex brand, which if it is the same, is the desktop brand that just sold out at WalMart last week for under $200. You’ll likely recognize the machine as the PackardBell EasyNote XS as it’s sold in Europe: it’s the 1.2 GHz VIA-based unit with 7-inch touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and 30 GB hard drive.Indications are that the XP flavored unit will be around $430, but that could be the OEM price, not retail. Additionally, the Linux based unit will cost less and is anticipated to boot in around 10 seconds. My guess is that the boot time will be north of that because the comparable Asus Eee PC boots in around 15 seconds using SSD memory; the CE260 and its derivatives boot from traditional magnetic storage. Might we see a UMPC under the Everex brand at the local Wal-Mart? I’m thinking yes.

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