OmniFocus: Dropping in January


The Omni Group has been working feverishly on their version of a GTD (Getting Things Done) application for the Apple platform. They’ve been letting 16,000 individuals play with their “sneaky peek” of the application and enhancing the code daily for months.

Well I just heard today – and you can verify this on their website – that they’ll be releasing the 1.0 application on January 8, 2008. At that time it will cost $79.95 for a license – however if you act fast, you can pre-purchase your license for half the cost ($39.95)! Now there’s a deal for ya!

If you’re unfamiliar with OmniFocus and what it does, you can of course check out the website, but in the meantime, here’s what Omni Group has to say:

Let us worry about keeping your goals and tasks, both personal and professional, in one ordered, easy to access system that you can depend on.

With features like Task Management, the ability to capture tasks in almost any way that fits your workflow (Quicksilver, or Services menu for instance), Securely storing your data, and smart auto-completion of items upon entry, it’s a great step forward in this application space. And if you’re one who likes integration, they’ve got you covered there too with iCal, Mail, and Spotlight tie-ins. Lovely!

As I’ve used OmniFocus for the past few months, I’ve also learned to leverage the GTD system to help organize my life. I’ve tried several of the offerings in this area – iGTD, Kinkless GTD, etc – and have never found the sweet spot (remember of course that your mileage may vary). Other applications seem to do too much, or have too much interface and options available – really, there can be too many features sometimes! – and I always found it rather daunting trying to get my tasks captured and manage them. The whole point in GTD is to capture these things without much effort so you can focusing on the ‘doing’ of these things, rather than the management. In my opinion, OmniFocus is the sweet spot for these needs.

This is in no way meant as a review of OmniFocus, just that it’s been a breath of fresh air as I’ve been testing it these past months. If you’re looking for a superb GTD application, or are finally ready to give this ‘craze’ a try, OmniFocus is a great starting point – and for now, a great price point as well!

If questions still remain, check out Ethan Schoonover’s (if you’ve been following along at home, Ethan is the creator of Kinkless GTD, and has now taken up employment at Omni Group) great new Quick Start Guide of this awesome new productivity application. Happy GTD’ing!


Marc Orchant

There’s an additional discount for OmniOutliner Professional licensees that brings the intro price down another $10.00 to $29.95. At that price it’s an utter no-brainer!

I’ve been testing this app for a couple of months and have already purchased my heavily discounted license for the official release. I like iGTD a lot but think that OF is going to be the tool I settle on. Like the other Omni apps use (Outliner Pro and Graffle) all the time, it just has that extra layer of polish that makes using an application not only productive but enjoyable.


Damn, $80? I won’t have any tasks to do because I’ll be homeless. I’ll have to think about taking advantage of that offer.

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