jkOnTheRun video- hands on with iPod Touch


Jk_icon_100pix_2I scored an iPod Touch this week and have been having a blast with it.  This video overview shows why I like the iPod Touch so much, from the music player to the web browsing experience.  You’ll see the music player, video player, YouTube player, photo player and of course, that best mobile browser in the world, Safari.  Take a look and feel the music in you.




Mr. Crash, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. WebKit underlies Safari. Safari adds interface elements and other things to WebKit; so Safari for the Mac/PC does differ from that for iPhone, though they both have WebKit underneath the hood. And WebKit is from Apple; altho it is build upon open source.

Mr. Crash

I don’t think it’s running safari as such…

I’m pretty sure it’s running a version of the webkit browser, which is on all symbian os phones and a few others too…

It’s open source :)


One more feature I forgot to mention- a pseudo gps that find your location via the edge or wifi coordinates that you are connected to, then shows you that position on the google maps app. Especially useful for finding directions from where you currently are to where you need to get to.

The real versions of these apps are better than their web-app cousins because of the not-always-online nature of the touch – with mail, you can still read and delete emails without a connection (it will only delete the email off a server when of syncs next though, of course). With maps, you can look directions ahead of time and the app caches it for future viewing, even without a connection (the entire map may not be available, and you may not be able to zoom) – but turn by turn directions are accessible, as well as the last map you looked at.

Just two examples of why i cant wait for the sdk!


I highly recommend trying out the Jailbreak process on an iPod Touch – the process is completely reversible and foolproof (if you mess it up or want to reset it you can just do a factory restore with zero consequences) – but it extends the functionality of the device to that of a fully-functional PDA. Built-in dedicated apps that are available for jailbreakers include: To Do Lists, Google Maps, Notes, Mail, A Push Email Solution (called iMapIdle), the ability to share your library with other computers on your wifi network via Firefly Media Server, IM, Weather, Stocks, a VNC client, a dictionary, an EBook reader, the ability to download podcasts without a computer via MobileCast, listen to internet radio via iRadio, third-party games, and themes are definitely enough to make your iPod Touch feel like a whole new device – and one that is considerably more pleasurable to use. This is all managed via an app that is put on your touch called Installer.app that lets you install and uninstall any third party app, as well as be able to see the list of the latest applications that have been released (and updates for those apps you have already installed). If you’re on 1.1.1, this is as easy to do as going to a particular website and clicking on a button – the process is completely automated.

As far as I can see, there are zero cons to jailbreaking your iPod Touch.

Mike Whalen

I had an unexpected surprise today. I saw Mr. JK in Starbucks and got about three minutes with the iPod Touch. I had only seen the iPhone up to this point.

He showed me Safari and Google Reader. I was pretty pleased, actually. I sometimes read GR on my Blackberry which only shows news titles. You have to click through to read the story and then again if you want to see the site where it originated.

The Safari view is plenty good enough. And you can turn on “Classic” HTML which, while dreadfully slow, does give you the full experience. :-)




I think the touch is somewhat less than an iphone without the phone.. It’s also without bluetooth and speakers and an external volume control. Also I repectfully ask you consider the mozilla browser in the N810 os2008 tablet before you claim that Safari is the best mobile browser out there. It is my understanding it can’t even run flash movies off Youtube.
If apple would only make a slightly larger more capable version they would have something.

James Kendrick

Valto, you rock! This is way cool and totally unexpected. It is awesome to be able to watch shows recorded on the eyetv on the iPod! the web interface is cool too. This is awesome!


I can see you haven’t found the hidden treasures in your eyetv…

Check out your eyetv preferences for eyetv wifi sharing for ipod touch & iphone…

enjoy ;)

James Kendrick

vm-01, the interface is a big part of the experience no doubt, but having used other browsers, Opera Mini included, this Safari is the best mobile browser bar none. I can’t state that strongly enough, and that’s not newness to the iPod talking. It provides a better, richer browsing experience than all the others, and I’ve used them on multiple devices. And for Google Reader, it works just fine as I said in the video. I quit Bloglines to use Google Reader on the desktop and this one is good too.


Seems to me you’re still high from all the touchyness.
I’d like to hear your comments 2 weeks from now.

It is my opinion that a lot of the pleasure comes from the multitouch screen on the device and not the program itself. In fact, Safari looks remarkably similar to the recently released Opera mini. Notice the smooth flow between sites and the poor Java support in Google Apps.

One suggestion for people upset with Google reader. Try Bloglines. It works wonderfully on Opera Mini and should work just as well on Safari.

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