Agendus Standard for Windows Mobile free today from Handango

Def3Got a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone or Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition device? If so and you always wanted Agendus Smartphone Standard Edition but didn’t have the coin to drop, it’s on me today. Well, to be honest, it’s on Handango, but I’m always looking to impress my friends, so let’s just pretend, ‘k?Yup, it’s Free App Friday at Handango and Agendus is on the agenda today. Hit this happy Handango link if you’re interested and it’s yours for the downloading provided you don’t mind filling out a brief survey to save $19. For those wondering what Agendus is, you can hit up the product page on iambic’s site. In brief, it’s a customizable, multi-view contact manager, calendar, PIM and daily helper that’s worth the look.