FOBM Video: After The Deal: Gordon Crovitz on the NWS-DJ Transition

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Given Rupert Murdoch’s comments this week about expecting to go free, we thought we’d share the video of a Q&A by executive editor Staci D. Kramer with Gordon Crovitz from our recent conference on the Future of Business Media. Crovitz, a former journalist, is the publisher of the WSJ Franchise and EVP, Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS). (The original coverage of the session is here.)

The session is shown here in two roughly 15-minute segments (RSS readers will have to click through online):

Part 1: Crovitz explains the current hybrid premium-free model for and the WSJ Digital Network; profit margin for online versus print; using to extend the print edition — almost every new subscriber is a subscriber to both; the strategy being evaluated now: “Is there a way for use to be both the best and the biggest?”; premium services — “DJ brings in a half-billion in subscriptions services revenue;” the MarketWatch acquisition two years later –“extraordinarily successful” for us; cross-platform ad sales.

Part II: Creating more online verticals; News Corp. effect on DJ’s own re-org; News Corp. funding; journalists’ salaries — “If the highest-paid journalists don’t work at DJ where would they work? … I expect significant investments in the Journal; Fox Business Network-CNBC; gaining traffic through portals; emphasizing the journalism — “It is incumbent on us to figure out how we maintaining large, sophisticated news departments in a world where we’re compared with others who don’t have that expense;” MKTW-Fox Business Network collaboration; DJ’s global operations and how News Corp. will help with global expansion — “we’ll be able to do at a much more rapid pace.” Also, when will the Journal go free?

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Murdoch needs to fire Crovitz. He simply doesn't understand the Internet and dealmaking on the web. He's unqualified to work for News Corp. at the level he's currently at. Mark my words that he's fired within 6-months.

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