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Thank You All For Making NewTeeVee Live a Success

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“Are you going to have this event next year?” That was the most common refrain we heard as we were wrapping up our NewTeeVee Live conference last night. How do you answer that question? By saying yes, of course, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we are going to do an encore in 2008. The question also subtly told us that we did, if not all, then most things right yesterday. Yup, the sleepless nights were worth it.

Being rookies at this conference thing, we were a little nervous and as such might have made some errors or came up short in some places — we pledge to do better next time. And even before we start: big thanks to all the attendees who made the conference tick.

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, and on quite a few occasions I stumbled into some deal-making conversations. (Don’t worry, guys — I was too worried about the event to remember who was saying what!)

AT&T 2.0, fireworks on the VC panel, a mile-a-minute Quincy Smith keynote, YouTube’s Steve Chen unplugged — those were some of the highlights of the event. All of it is available as an archived stream (coming soon in embeddable chunks) thanks to Mogulus, which did an awesome job of streaming the conference. And The GigaOM Show co-host Joyce Kim did a great job of being the live anchor. Thanks, Joyce.


The event was a testament to the skills and hard work of our team, especially Paul, Mike, and Joey. And there was Liz’s relentless editorial curation. They are the real reason this event came to fruition. Thank you, guys — The Fantastic Four!

Surj thanks for being the voice of god. Craig, Chris and Carolyn worked tirelessly to live blog the event and give NewTeeVee and GigaOM readers as much information as possible in near real time. Carleen and Katie pitched in even though they had their own blogs to worry about. Chancey quietly made the whole web side of things work. From the FM side of the house, Stacey, Julia, Larissa, Sonia were tireless in their organizational skills.

Our moderators, panelists, and speakers were generous with their time and insights and extremely supportive of our efforts. To each one of you — a big thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully you will join the fun again next year. I also want to thank our sponsors and exhibitors, without whose support it would have been difficult to put on the show – thank you.


Thanks as well to our volunteers and our friends in the press, both of whom came out in big numbers to show their support. And to those of you who traveled from afar, I am glad we met. I am sure I am forgetting many people, so forgive me.

See you next year.

14 Responses to “Thank You All For Making NewTeeVee Live a Success”

  1. Hi Om,
    Random question for you- We are trying to make a page to thank our sponsors, and your example above is by far the best I could find. Any tips on how to recreate a document like yours? I have “Pages”on my mac. You wouldn’t consider passing along an electronic copy would you? Sorry if I am intruding…just a 22 year-old trying to put on a first year event and make it look professional at the same seemed like an avenue I might try.
    Thanks so much,

  2. Great event Om! I found the panel discussions and keynotes extremely informative and lively. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for our company as an exhibiting sponsor, but it turned out to be a great opportunity to connect with many qualified people and talk about our hosting services. Thanks and look forward to seeing you when you’re up here in Vancouver. Cheers to you and your team.

  3. Om,

    It’s an art to get the right panelists together, the right kind of moderators for panels, interesting keynotes – and make it all fit in one day.

    Kudos to you folks for being able to pull off an informative, useful and fun event.

    I have some suggestions that’ll help you next time around – who can I email them to?


  4. Congrats to you and your team for the great conference!

    And I have to agree that Mogulus did an excellent job with the live broadcast. Their technology was certainly impressive.