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Mogulus Launches; Does Great Job Streaming Our Conference

Mogulus, a live streaming startup whose existence we were the first to report on back in May, launched yesterday at NewTeeVee Live. And crazily enough, on the day of its launch, the company used its new platform to broadcast our conference. I won’t hide the fact that they paid us for exclusive streaming rights, but regardless — the experience was fantastic. Feedback regarding the quality and reliability of Mogulus’ stream was overwhelmingly positive.

When I checked throughout the day, there were generally about 180 or so watchers at any given time, and Mogulus CEO Max Haot said many people tuned in for the entire event. There were a couple of issues that were more our fault than theirs: missed opportunities to include questions from the live chat into the program, for one, and a few skipped minutes of panels that weren’t on schedule.

The entire program is now being replayed continuously on the NewTeeVee Mogulus channel, embedded above. That’s a little bit of a problem because if you tune in 10 minutes past the part you wanted to see, you’ll have to wait another ten hours or so to see it come up again. But we’re working with Mogulus to release the individual sessions on demand, and will let you know about that soon.

New York City-based Mogulus had more than 18,000 live channels and more than 12 million unique viewer minutes per month during its private beta period. Yesterday the company added a new feature, a browsable grid of currently broadcasting channels. Besides on-demand features, Mogulus is also working on in-stream advertising options. It competes with a number of startups, including Ustream and

Did you watch our Mogulus stream? What did you think?

9 Responses to “Mogulus Launches; Does Great Job Streaming Our Conference”

  1. deanjansen

    I watched a few panels and thought the embedded player was absolutely awesome!

    However, their full player is overly complex and leaves a lot to be desired in the ease of use department.

    Oh, and the chat window is tiny.