Hidden image filters in Address Book


Address Book Filters

A little hidden gem in Leopard has been discovered. It would seem Address Book holds the key to a slew of additional image filters that can be applied to user images in Address Book. From my rough guess, there are about 25+ new filters here that don’t seem to be available anywhere else.

A short listing of some of the filters:

  • ASCII Art
  • Blue Print
  • Color Invert
  • Color Controls
  • Dot Screen
  • False Color
  • Film Stock
  • Kaleidescope
  • Line Overlay
  • Line Screen
  • Monochrome
  • Motion Blur
  • Neon
  • Pixellate
  • Tracer

Thanks Adam Wilcox for the tip


Vanya abakumov

Yea, but how do you get the files from finder, to your Photo booth?


the effects are just Quartz Compositions available in /System/Library/Compositions

Paul Nowak

Not “any application that you can set profile pictures in” but any that use built in system “take photo” window.

But yes, Address Book, Adium and iChat are the most popular :)


The effects are also in Adium.. seems they are in any application that you can set profile pictures in.

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