Final Cut Express 4 Released


Final Cut Express 4

Today Apple announced the release of Final Cut Express 4.

New features include:

What’s even more interesting with this release is that Apple has now knocked the price of FCE down to $199 (from the $299 it previously sold for). With the reduced price they are certainly aiming to bring the casual video editors up from iMovie and in to something a bit more full-featured. I think this is fantastic news for people who want to do more serious editing but don’t want to drop $1,300 for Final Cut Studio.

Final Cut Express 4 is available now on Apple’s site.



I have been using this for several years and its really complicated for most. I considered myself an advanced imovie user and just importing into Final Cut express was a huge undertaking, involving lots of reading. As much as the new imovie sucks no one who starts learning imovie now will be able to use any knowledge from imovie to switch to Final Cut Express.
What they need to do is dumb down Express and make it the standard movie editing program. Then drop the price on final cut full version.

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