Dude, Where's My Energy Bill?

It’s starting to feel like a mad dash to the legislative finish line. With just days to go before the Thanksgiving holiday, my estimation earlier this week that Congress might wholesale the environmental integrity of the Energy Bill remains a possibility, but overall, as discussions continue behind closed doors, the fate of the bill is extremely uncertain.

Constituents, meanwhile, have decided to make their voices heard. Congress received two letters over the past two days from two separate groups. One was from the diverse consortium of more than 100 businesses and individuals; the other, from a concerned group of investors, many of whom are members of the Investor Network on Climate Risk.

Both revolve around three main issues — better fuel economy, renewable energy tax incentives, and renewable electricity standards. “We call on Congress to pass an Energy Bill that realigns national policies and incentives to stimulate the rapid deployment of clean technologies,” the investors wrote, who together manage $1.4 trillion in assets, CSRWire reports.

The clock is ticking and Congress is itching to head home for turkey. We’ll see how much the letters have an affect on the legislation.


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