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Venture Vehicles Bruce in NYT: We got a ride with Venture Vehicle’s Ian Bruce a few weeks ago, so we can tell you the NYT’s description of “an Italian-made alligator-skin boot”-wearing Bruce driving his “three-wheel thrill machine” is spot on. Though, still cheesy as heck — NYT.

Formula 1 Biofuel: The Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, announced a new gas blend using ethanol for Formula 1 engines — AutoblogGreen.

Hundred Dollar Guatemalan Wind Turbine: The San Francisco chapter of Engineers without Borders is helping out with a project for a low-cost wind turbine for use in off the grid Guatemalan village — TerraPass Blog.

Ethanol NIMBY: Some small towns aren’t embracing the economic upside of ethanol plants — NYT.

Davis Plug-In Tech Gains Customers: Efficient Drivetrains says it will license plug-in hybrid vehicle technology and transmission systems developed at UC Davis — GreenCarCongress.

I love these lines from the WSJ: “The delicate minuet of marketing and lobbying shows how car makers are bowing toward pressure for earth-friendly, fuel-efficient autos while at the same time tiptoeing around the fact that fuel-thirsty trucks and sport-utility vehicles are big sellers.” Thanks Mike Spector, pure poetry — WSJ.

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