NTV Live Preview: Seesmic Aims to Start a Global Conversation


NEWTEEVEE LIVE, SAN FRANCISCO — Loic Lemeur’s new startup, Seesmic, is hoping to kick-start a worldwide video conversation by letting users easily post and reply to videos with just a webcam.

The site’s in alpha right now, so there are a few bugs, but overall, Seesmic delivers on its promise. Recording and uploading video using my laptop was a snap.

If you want to produce something a little more professional-looking than what I put together in my home office, then you can create a video, upload it to YouTube and transfer the video to Seesmic. Soon, you’ll be able to upload videos directly from your mobile phone. If someone likes (or dislikes) what you have to say, there is a reply button that allows them to post a response to your thread. You can also follow particular people’s videos, and alert your Twitter whenever you post a new video.

Seesmic will augment its user-generated content with professionally produced material in the coming months. Two shows already in development are a daily show about tech (shot on a set that looks like a French cafe), and one on politics. The idea being that you could watch these shows and then immediately create a video comment on them, or ask a question during the show itself.

Other features coming down the pike include text comments and friend management.

Right now, there is no content filtering on the site, so anyone could say anything. Which isn’t a problem in a closed alpha, but could potentially become one when anyone from around the world decides they want to sound off about something.

The site is looking to move into beta in the next couple of weeks, with a full-on launch expected by the end of January 2008.



Thank you Chris for your good comments and sorry that I could not be there today with you (Cyrille my partner has been seesmic-ing like crazy from there) I just landed back from Paris. See you soon.

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