NTV Live Mininote: Dan’l Lewin, Microsoft


Dan’l Lewin, Corp. Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft

When will this video revolution arrive? When the technology disappears. We’re still concentrating on the technology which presents new disruption opportunities.

Let’s talk online vid econ!

  • High Opreational Costs
  • Variable Cost Structure
  • Potentially Lower Margins
Microsoft Dan’l Lewin

Lots of things associated with online video that need to be considered.

By 2011, more than 200 million broadband users in the U.S., half a billion globally.

We’re thinking that the underlying ad model that we’re all enamored with is not the only overarching element that needs to be considered.

From consumer perspective, there’s demand for choice, interactivity and platforms. Advertisers and marketers are presented with the ability to reach a much more segmented and targeted audience. From the CDN’s perspective, the ability to leverage existing infrastructure. From a VC’s standpoint, there’s so much going on, it’s hard to know which way is up, but putting them in context is the broader challenge.

Beyond the one-size-fits-all model, room for more like à la carte purchase.

Microsoft has been investing a lot quite aggressively in this area. As they think about services, devices and tools that can empower an ecosystem.

The tool side is fundamental. Just launched expression encoder. It’s a VC 1 encoder. Popfly is a cross-platform capability to build mashups. Visual Studio is a developer platform, Digital Studio 2008, primary tool selection choice for developers.

From the platform perspective, Silverlight. Coming next year is the next version of Windows server. Others: Playready technologies. The MediaRoom technology is fundamentally revolutionary, partnering with AT&T. Platform for IPTV. Within the next calendar year AT&T will reach 17 million homes with IPTV. Picture-in-Picture (See Ralph de La Vega’s keynote).

Services: XBox Live delivering HD content. Also Screentronic which does mobile ads and Massive which does game ads.

Demo from a guy who’s name we can’t hear (sorry, guy).

Silverlight demo.

Involving content producers, designers and consumers to create the product.

Demo has picture-in-picture. Click the picture, nine simultaneous screens.

Now running a 720p demo of a Fantastic Four movie trailer.

The scaling retains the aspect ratio. Now switching from PC demo to demo on the Home Shopping Network.

HSN wanted their customers to interact with the content. As you hover over window, more options appear on the screen. Channel switching is seamless. You can share from within the video, look at more images, drag and drop the image out of the player.

Now he’s showing Silverlight on Mac running Safari.

Popfly is a mashup editor. Go on to popfly.com to create one. The entire application build on Silverlight. He’s going to connect to a video service. Can search through data service “blocks.” Now can tell the block to find all videos tagged as comedy. He’s connecting it to the video player, which brings up the videos from MSN Soapbox.

That’s great. What do I do with a mashup?

You can embed it on a web page, or use it as a gadget, or a Facebook profile.

Now showing a demo for publishers, and the ease of use for adding pre- and post-roll ads. As well as add captions.

Can publish video and mashup to Silverlight streaming. Sign up for a Sivlerlight account and get 4 gigabytes for free.


Consider online video opps beyond the browser.

Explore the Microsoft tools, platforms and services that can help you to bring exciting video experience to the living room, PC and mobile.

visit www.silverlight.net

visit microsoft.com/tv


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Demo from a guy who’s name we can’t hear (sorry,

:) No worries – I was the demo guy. The name’s anand iyer.


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