NTV Live Launchpad: Meet WooMe


NEWTEEVEE LIVE, SAN FRANCISCO — Startup WooMe publicly launched its “online introduction” service today. WooMe allows you to enter into one-minute webcam conversations about particular topics (football teams, rollerblading, the holidays, etc.) with people you’ve never before met (think: online video speed dating). There are six people in the video chat room, three guys and three girls (if you’re hetero), and you take turns chatting with each one. Users can create their own discussion topics, or enter into predetermined ones.

One of the main benefits touted by WooMe is that since introductions are made via webcam, you can’t fake what you look like the way you can with static images. The profile you create is short, and others are allowed to comment on you. If two people in a session are wooed (read: they like each other), they can connect for a $1 fee.

WooMe’s backers include: Atomico Investments, Mangrove, Capital Partners, and Klaus Hommels. Aside from the “wooed” user fees, the company is looking to generate revenues through sponsorships.

WooMe doesn’t consider itself a hard-core dating app, but more informal, like a bar, CEO Stephen Stokols told NewTeeVee in an interview last week. And just like so many bars, guys will have to work a little harder; on the alpha site, they currently outnumber the women 673 to 219 — and those numbers won’t get any better as they’re trying to promote the site by enlisting fraternities.


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Always good to read about Rollerblading, my ex was of olympic standards..

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