NTV Live Launchpad: MediaMelon Puts High-Res in the Browser


NEWTEEVEE LIVE, SAN FRANCISCO — MediaMelon today announced the launch of a P2P video delivery network that allows viewers to watch high-res video within the browser — no downloadable client needed (are you listening, NBC?).

For the user, the experience involves just clicking a button on a partner’s web page. The video content downloads and displays right there in the browser. Additionally, MediaMelon is agnostic on many fronts. It doesn’t care what type of browser you use, or if you’re using a Mac, PC or Linux. MediaMelon CEO Kumar Subramanian told us he hopes Linux compatibility will pave the way to eventually migrate (almost) directly to the TV through a set-top box. MediaMelon secures the content by requiring a user key to unencrypt it — which means that, for now, users must paradoxically be online to watch their downloaded content.

Though videos will be available on its site, MediaMelon has no grand plans to be a storefront; it will let its partners keep and manage their content, enabling pay-per-view or subscription content. MediaMelon can also enable targeted advertising based on context within content and historic viewing patterns.

The company currently has seven employees and has funding from angels at Macrovision and Microsoft.


saul r

Actually you do need to install their software to see the videos.
Just thought I mention it. (NBC) you are OK


The Media Melon web site doesn’t appear to be working.

When entering an email address, the response is “Error: your request can’t be proccessed”.

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